Roush Bronco R Series – The Ultimate Ford Bronco Parts Kit?

January 10, 2023
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Roush Bronco R Series – The Ultimate Ford Bronco Parts Kit?

Ford’s highly anticipated sixth-generation revival of the iconic Bronco marque finally hit the streets in 2021 after a lengthy development process. Ford did their due diligence, and the new Bronco boasts tremendous off-road prowess straight from the factory, with plenty of OEM accessories and options to make life on the trail easier. But, as with any car on the market, some might say that the factory setup isn’t quite extreme enough. For those discerning enthusiasts, Roush Performance is there to cater to your every need when it comes to tuning and accessorizing Ford vehicles, and they’ve now announced their new upgrade package for the Ford Bronco.

The Ford Bronco – A Great Start

Ford offers the Bronco in a wide variety of trims and configurations to meet the needs of any buyer, right from the factory. Powered by either a four- or six-cylinder EcoBoost, the Bronco can be optioned out with two or four doors and a variety of tops, much like its close competitor, the Jeep Wrangler. A seven-speed manual transmission is available for those who enjoy the experience of rowing through the gears themselves, while a 10-speed automatic transmission provides fuel economy and increased drivability with larger tire sizes.

There are quite a few specialized editions available straight from the factory. These include the Badlands, the Wildtrak, the Black Diamond, and the Big Bend trims, among several others. But perhaps the flagship from Detroit is the Bronco Raptor, which comes with 37” tires, the highest-performance EcoBoost on tap, Rigid auxiliary lighting, and adventure-ready upholstery. The Raptor comes with the 3.0L motor, but if you have a 2.3L or 2.7L EcoBoost in your Bronco, Roush has just the parts you need to soup it up a little.

The Roush Bronco R Series Kit

As with everything else that they touch, Roush takes a great Ford vehicle and makes it better. While you won’t get any of the crazy power gains that they are known for with the R Series Kit, you will find the off-road performance enhanced by the addition of the Roush accessories, as well as some of the usual cosmetic improvements that Roush does so well.

Perhaps the most significant upgrade can be found with the wheels and tires. You’ll find large 35” General Grabber mud tires wrapped around the custom 17” Roush wheels. To paraphrase Expedition Overland, you can drive around the world on 35” tires, and you can drive around the world in this Bronco. Another notable addition on the exterior of the car are the Diode Dynamics LED auxiliary lights mounted on the A-pillars, which are frequently called “ditch lights” in off-road parlance. These are high-quality lights that are worlds ahead of the standard Amazon specials.

Moving into the engine bay, Roush has improved the stock intake setup for increased reliability in dusty, austere environments. The pre-filter is vital to minimize fouling of the engine air filter and MAF sensor, and the air filtration system itself comes with a sharp looking see-through cover, which greatly aids in inspecting the air filter and ensuring it’s changed frequently enough.

In keeping with the off-road DNA of the Bronco, a Roush-branded recovery kit is also provided, which includes a tow strap, D-Rings, and a few other essentials needed to rescue yourself (or someone else) should your adventure take a turn for the worst.  

Roush is also proud of the stainless steel axle-back exhaust system in the R Series Kit, which they claim will maximize the level of “engine presence” from the smaller EcoBoost motors. Roush used the existing Ford fittings and couplings to provide an easy installation experience, and the exhaust tip naturally has the desirable “ROUSH R” logo, and provides a few degrees of additional departure angle over the stock setup. Perhaps most importantly, this exhaust is also legal in all 50 states, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Other than these major items, there are plenty of other features included with the R Series Kit. Other components include custom key fobs, a locking safe in the center console, and a floor protection kit (which is ostensibly a more creative term for weather-resistant floor mats). Cosmetically, you’ll also get quite a few decals and banners advertising the trick components you have under the hood and chassis, a Roush door jamb label, and a certificate of authenticity.

OEM Quality in Your Garage

The R Series Kit is sold straight from Roush, or a dealer, as a do-it-yourself kit that is expected to take a solid day’s work, but designed to be easy enough for the owner to install themselves, in their own garage. As stated, the exhaust system carries a Roush limited lifetime warranty, while the rest of the components carry a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty. Roush may be a bit proud of this kit for some – $8,400 proud, to be exact – but for many, having the confidence of a warranty behind their parts is worth a premium. If you’re looking to make your (relatively) stock Ford Bronco look, ride, and sound unique, than the Roush R Series Kit might just be the move for you.