Electric Evolution: Mercedes Teases EQG, Promising a True G-Class Experience

November 13, 2023
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Electric Evolution: Mercedes Teases EQG, Promising a True G-Class Experience

Mercedes-Benz takes a bold step into the future with the upcoming EQG, an electric iteration of the iconic G-Class. The teaser images and details shared by the automaker showcase a harmonious blend of the G-Class’s rugged heritage and cutting-edge electric technology. Set to debut as a 2025 model year, the EQG promises an authentic G-Class experience with a touch of sophistication and eco-conscious performance.

Distinctive Design:
The EQG retains the unmistakable angular shape of the G-Class, optimized for aerodynamics crucial for electric vehicles. Camouflaged in various patterns, the electric off-roader features aerodynamically optimized wheels and slits for improved airflow. While embracing modernity, the EQG stays true to its roots, with visible door hinges, signature turn indicators on the hood, and the iconic spare wheel case at the rear, now with a squared shape to distinguish it from its ICE-powered counterpart.

Interior Innovations:
Inside, the EQG introduces a new steering wheel and a redesigned center console with updated storage layout and switchgear. Future owners can expect the presence of the MBUX assistant, enhancing the driving experience. Notably, the G-Turn button makes an appearance, enabling the quad-motor G-Class to perform the renowned tank turn.

Performance and Powertrain:
Powered by a quad-motor setup, each engaging a wheel, the EQG inherits the G-Class’s renowned off-road capabilities. The electric SUV is expected to utilize the lithium-ion battery from the EQS, boasting a capacity of 107.8 kWh. Additionally, an optional battery pack with silicon anode chemistry could offer a notable increase in energy density, providing versatility for potential buyers.

Delivery Timeline:
While the EQG inches closer to production, enthusiasts will have to wait until late next year for its official debut as a 2025 model year. Deliveries are anticipated to commence in the first quarter of 2025, with an AMG variant set to join the lineup later.

Mercedes-Benz’s EQG promises an exciting evolution of the iconic G-Class, marrying timeless design elements with cutting-edge electric technology. With its quad-motor powertrain, advanced features, and commitment to sustainability, the EQG is poised to redefine the electric SUV landscape while staying true to the spirit of the legendary G-Class.


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