Mercedes-Benz G-Class Evolution: Facelifted Model and ‘Little G’ to Arrive in 2024

November 5, 2023
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Mercedes-Benz G-Class Evolution: Facelifted Model and ‘Little G’ to Arrive in 2024

Mercedes-Benz is gearing up for a significant evolution of its iconic G-Class (G-Wagon) lineup, with a facelifted model set to hit the market in early 2024. The upcoming iteration aims to enhance aerodynamics and reduce fuel consumption, taking design inspiration from the forthcoming all-electric EQG variant.

The classified document, dated September 14 and labeled “Strictly Confidential!”, reveals plans to conclude the production of the current G-Class by the first quarter of 2024. The facelifted version is expected to be a 2025 model year SUV, offering a refreshed and more fuel-efficient experience for enthusiasts of the legendary off-roader.

Notably, the facelifted G-Class will incorporate design elements inspired by the EQG, the electric variant of the G-Class. This strategic move aligns with Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to enhancing sustainability and reducing environmental impact. The incorporation of aerodynamic improvements, influenced by the electric model, signifies a holistic approach to the G-Class evolution.

Dr. Emerich Schiller, head of the G-Class business unit, emphasized the subtle yet impactful changes in aerodynamics, stating, “When you really go into the details of the car, we have changed things. Most customers won’t see it, even if they stand in front of the car, but the change in some cases had a really dramatic improvement to the aerodynamics,” in an interview with Autocar.

While the facelifted G-Class prepares to make its mark, the electric EQG is poised to steal the spotlight. The EQG is expected to showcase Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to electrification while preserving the iconic G-Class heritage.

In addition to these developments, Mercedes-Benz recently announced plans to introduce a smaller version of the G-Class, aptly named the “little G.” The compact sibling is anticipated to offer a fresh take on the renowned G-Class lineage, providing enthusiasts with a more versatile and agile option.

As Mercedes-Benz continues to evolve its G-Class lineup, the combination of traditional craftsmanship, innovative design, and sustainability-focused enhancements positions the G-Class as a symbol of enduring excellence in the world of luxury SUVs. The arrival of the facelifted model, alongside the electric EQG and the compact “little G,” reinforces the G-Class legacy as it enters a new era of automotive innovation.