Ford Bronco Nostalgia: Fully-Restored 1979 Model Seeks a New Home with a Surprise Twist Under the Hood

November 25, 2023
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November 25, 2023 admin

Ford Bronco Nostalgia: Fully-Restored 1979 Model Seeks a New Home with a Surprise Twist Under the Hood

For those not swayed by the charms of the modern Ford Bronco, a blast from the past might be the remedy. Feast your eyes on a meticulously restored 1979 Ford Bronco, currently on the lookout for a new owner. This vintage beauty underwent an extensive restoration process, breathing new life into every component.

The restoration boasts power steering and brakes, a fresh suspension setup, and a delightful secret nestled under the hood. While the second-generation Broncos typically offered a choice between two V8 engines—a 351 and a 400 ci—this particular specimen surprises with a larger 460 ci powerhouse, paired with an automatic transmission.

The exterior sports a distinctive sand paint finish adorned with vibrant decals, capturing the essence of the era. Chrome accents, typical of the time, add a touch of nostalgia. The Bronco rides on new wheels wrapped in chunky white-branded tires, maintaining its classic appeal. The interior, in timeless tan, remains true to its roots, offering a glimpse into the past. If you’re not a fan of modern touchscreen displays, the traditional radio setup preserves the vintage charm.

Despite the passage of time, this 1979 Ford Bronco has seen some action, clocking in at 62,920 miles (101,260 km) at the time of listing. The seller encourages pre-purchase inspections, providing enthusiasts with an opportunity to assess the Bronco’s condition up close. The asking price for this piece of automotive history stands at $74,900.

While the allure of a fully-restored classic Bronco is undeniable, the price tag places it in the same league as a brand-new Bronco or even two, depending on the trim. The 2024 model lineup, ranging from the entry-level Big Bend to the top-tier Bronco Raptor, offers a variety of options with MSRPs that may rival or undercut the cost of this meticulously restored vintage gem. The choice between the timeless classic and the cutting-edge new generation lies in the hands of enthusiasts with an appreciation for the rich history of the iconic Ford Bronco.


Photo: Garage Kept Motors