Unveiling the 2024 Mercedes G63 Brabus 900: A Limited Edition, All-Electric Off-Road Marvel

May 18, 2023
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Unveiling the 2024 Mercedes G63 Brabus 900: A Limited Edition, All-Electric Off-Road Marvel

The G-class Brabus 900 is Mercedes’ newly invented off-road vehicle in its premium version. It is just as stunning as it is Agile, and it is a limited edition. This model ended the petrol-powered line by being a fully electric, military-inspired SUV, fulfilling current and upcoming standards. Every detail of this supercar model can be individually selected and tailored to the customer’s preference, including the interior’s color scheme and bodywork.


The state-of-the-art wheels, known for their unique appearance and strength characteristics, are configured with Brabus’ signature Aero Discs, improving aerodynamics and adding a thrilling appearance. This model features a unique Ride Control suspension system that gives the SUV agility. The feature promotes ravening determination and provides unlimited driving fun.

Another exciting characteristic is how the twin-turbocharged V8 engine produces a deep baritone note when driving over the horizon. The newly invented Brabus high-performance exhaust system, made of stainless steel with active control valves and integrated ambient lighting, gives the vehicle its proper looks and acoustics while bringing power delivery to perfection by reducing the exhaust back pressure.

The feature of active sound management allows the driver to alternate between a subtle whisper by activating the “coming home” mode and the extremely throaty v8 sound by starting the “sporty” way with just a touch of the button.

The SUV is also equipped with some features that assist it in better cutting through the wind. Little holes on the fenders are the most intriguing of these; other examples include more aerodynamic tires and sleeker bodywork.

Engine and Performance

The whole engine lineup offers electrification, with the AMG versions not left out. It also comes with a shiftable 2-speed gearbox that enables the vehicle to travel far distances than the beaten path.

This G63 model uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, capable of delivering about 800+ hp, and goes along with the G63 E-performance. The plug-in hybrid is supplemented with, surprisingly, four electric motors, one for each wheel. Mercedes promises that this improvement is to enable enormous pulling power and adaptivity.

These electric motors can also be operated individually, and they will help improve both off-road and on-road driving performance. The batteries are incorporated into a robust, old-fashioned ladder frame. Coupled with the electric motors, the 6.1- kWh battery delivers 201 hp and is instilled with Formula 1 technology.

Exterior Styling

The redesigned boxy shape of the exterior makes this model, the G63 class, like the regular G-class, a classic off-roader. It keeps its distinctive boxy appearance so as not to sacrifice aerodynamic effectiveness.

The exterior involves a new front bumper styling, while no significant changes are made to the sides, back, tailgate, or space wheel holder. The total alterations are minor since this is not a new generation but a mid-cycle upgrade of the powerful 4×4 SUV, and the grille is also part of that slight adjustment.

The headlamps with integrated DRLs will remain, but they now have new visuals.

There is enough room for the huge 20 inches wheels because the flared fenders, connected from the front to the back by broad rocker panels, are raised high.  

Though the rear bumper remains straddled by the reflectors and still bears the license plate, it looks new, now housing the reversing camera. The chassis configuration for this model is similar to that of the regular G-class, with a sophisticated front suspension that works independently to help maintain a fixed rear axle and improve on-road driving performance.

Like the combustion-powered G-class model, the tailgate is mounted with a standard spare tire and wheel hidden with a cover. However, it’s not for all the models, as some, rather than the spare wheel, come with a small, square box mounted to the tailgate, which contains a charging cable, the SUV’s charging apparatus.  

Compared to a conventional battery, this will enable a 20–40% improvement in energy density, which should boost the range for a battery of the same size. Customers have a choice in selecting the accessory they prefer. 

Interior Design

The Brabus interior is a masterpiece, completely handcrafted to suit its sporty nature, uncompromising performance, and bold appearance. The high-gloss carbon trim in the cabin emphasizes the supplementary sporty flair of the G63 Brabus.

Also, the door lock pins, aluminum pedals, and cuff plates made of stainless steel all have the Brabus logo, which can be adjusted to match the interior ambient lighting.

The center console was redesigned to a new center console with a more minimalistic touchpad controller, dismissing the trackpad installed on the console and integrating the lauded MBUX infotainment system with a large touchscreen.

The infotainment system is up-to-date, along with the digital instrument panel. New trim options and upholstery are also topped off with a new steering wheel. A new center stack with updated switchgear is visible between the air vents.

The interior is fully clothed with fine black leather fabric and crest-shaped quilting with pinpoint precision on trim elements, the seats, and the foot wells. 

There are bucket seats in the rear of the vehicle, which replace the regular standard bench seats. They incorporate different comfort functions, such as integrated seat ventilation, multi-contour adjustment, and a heating feature.

All elements of the cockpits, from the speaker cover to the air vents and switches, as well as all handles and trims, have the signature of Brabus embroidered on them, making you feel at home wherever you go.


Being limited to only 15 prototypes, the 2024 Mercedes-Benz G63 Brabus is expensive. The base price starts at $150,000. 


  • Highly customizable
  • Comfy upholstery
  • Improved aerodynamics 
  • Iconic styling


  • A lot of wind noise
  • They are not cheap.



The vintage style and off-road credentials of the 2024 Mercedes-Benz G63 Brabus and its all-electric powertrain make this SUV one of the most highly desired vehicles available for sale.

While being used by celebrities as a status symbol, this six-figure SUV still doesn’t fail to show its extreme capabilities as an all-terrain vehicle.


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