TIBUS temperature monitor “TMS18”

August 31, 2022
August 31, 2022 admin

TIBUS temperature monitor “TMS18”

Total temperature control at a glance

The temperature of technical components is an important indicator of their safe operation- A deviation from the standard values signals the risk of impending failures or serious damage long before they actually occur. Thusly, permanent temperature monitoring is standard procedure in complex technical systems such as aircraft and wind parks.

With the TIBUS temperature monitor “TMS18” you will never lose sight of all the important temperature data of your vehicle. You can identify deviations at first glance on a 5” touch-screen monitor.

This high-resolution display shows a graphical layout of your vehicle with easily recognizable symbols and figures, allowing you to control the temperatures of your vehicle’s components at up to 18 measuring points.

We recommend monitoring the temperature of the engine oil as well as the oils of the gearbox, transfer case, the differentials and our TIBUS bolt-on portals. Additionally, the temperature of the shock absorbers and the exhaust system can be displayed, which is important if you’re monitoring a turbocharger.

Maximum temperatures can be pre-programmed. If the temperature exceeds the programmed maximum value, an alarm will sound and the display indicate the current temperature at the overheated spot.

The measure range of the sensors is up to 1000 ° Celsius. All connectors are waterproof.

With a simple tap on the display, you’re able to recall the temperature at the measuring point at anytime. The maximum temperature reached is stored in the file system and can be retrieved. Problems can be detected and remedied in time far before you hit the outback and get would otherwise get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

The touch screen display fits almost every smartphone mount and can just as well be removed and stored elsewhere. The waterproof compact control module can be mounted in the motor compartment and is connected to the display by only a single wire.