TIBUS HD winches

August 30, 2022
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August 30, 2022 admin

TIBUS HD winches

Are you ready to get serious?

The housings for our TIBUS high-performance winches are machined from high-strength aircraft construction aluminum to ensure maximum safety even in the toughest conditions. The material used (7075 T 6) has an extremely high corrosion resistance and is additionally anodized.

As a drum bearing we do not use plastic bushings, but instead exclusively concentrate on high quality wear-resistant metal bearings. Since winch motors are only fastened with two M-6 screws each, they are additionally supported and secured at the rear by TIBUS double winches.



The drums of the TIBUS high-performance winches are also protected against the entry of dirt and water as well as against leakage of grease and oil by means of special shaft seals

As an example, the free spool of the drum of the high-end TIBUS double motor winch TW 15000 is unlocked and locked by compressed air. For the control of our high-performance winch you can use the TIBUS Air Compressor “PD 6606“.

For our TIBUS high-performance winches we only use parts produced by our trusted manufacturers which are subject to regular strict quality control. We only use BOW motors and relays from producers which are known for their reliability which also undergo routine tests.