TIBUS HD Air Compressor

August 30, 2022
August 30, 2022 admin

TIBUS HD Air Compressor

Portable air pressure for best traction

High off-road capability is achieved not only by an appropriately shaped tire, but also by tire pressure optimally adjusted to the ground’s particularities. Traction is for example significantly improved when air is released to pass over soft sand or mud. Lowering the air pressure in a tire would, for example, create a larger area of contact between the tire and the ground and thus makes driving on softer surfaces much easier. Giving the driver direct control over the air pressure in each tire, maneuverability is greatly improved. It’s also significantly less damaging to the ground you’re driving on itself.

The TIBUS PD6606 compressor when you leave the off-road area and resume driving on regular paved roads.

In any case, we advice against the use of small, cheap compressors not especially built for the task at hand. With these, oftentimes neither performance shows to be sufficient to fill tires of larger dimensions in an appropriate time, nor do most of these machines exceed the filling capacity of four wheels simultaneously – often leading to a total failure due to overheating beforehand.



We offer a portable 12 VDC high-performance compressor with a 6-liter pressure tank, which allows to precisely control tire pressure regulation, as conveniently and quickly as at the filling station or the workshop.

The device is nevertheless inexpensive and designed for portable use or for integration into the TIBUS tire pressure control system.

It also provides the necessary compressed air for adjustable shock absorbers, for switching differential locks or for the TIBUS air suspension system. Even smaller compressed air tools can be operated with the portable TIBUS high-performance compressor “PD 6606“. It’s therefore also fitted to many rescue- and emergence vehicles and fire trucks.

Even easier to use is the TIBUS tire pressure control system “TO-CTIS 4, which is available as a special accessory for our TIBUS beadlock rims.

In case of dire tire repairs far from civilization, reliable compressors are indispensable, even though tires on TIBUS beadlock wheels can be chanced can be chanced without heavy special tools.