TIBUS Central tire inflation system

August 30, 2022
August 30, 2022 admin

TIBUS Central tire inflation system

In-motion tire pressure control

https://tibus-na.com/2022/08/30/tibus-hd-air-compressor/High off-road capability is achieved not only by an appropriate tire profile, but also by the tire pressure being optimally adjusted to the particular ground. Traction is thus significantly improved in situations such as air being released before driving on soft sand or mud. However, you will have to re-adjust the air pressure to the situation at hand once you have successfully conquered the challenging passage.

A central tire inflation system (CTIS) is a system to provide control to the air pressure in each tire of a vehicle as a way to improve performance on different surfaces. Lowering the air pressure in a tire would, for example, create a larger area of contact between the tire and the ground and thus makes driving on softer surfaces much easier. Giving the driver direct control over the air pressure in each tire, maneuverability is greatly improved. It’s also significantly less damaging to the ground you’re driving on itself.

Another function of the CTIS is to maintain pressure in the tires if there is a slow leak or puncture. In this case the system controls inflation automatically based on the selected pressure. Air compressors are very helpful equipment for different kind of repairs in the field.



The heart of the TIBUS central tire inflation system “TO-CTIS4” is the TIBUS “PD6606” 12 VDC air compressor with 100% duty cycle. Every TIBUS bead lock wheel is equipped with two filling connectors. So you may control the tire pressure as well at the normal valve.

If there is a CTIS installed to your vehicle you can also use the second valve stem to fill and control the air pressure of external devices. The TIBUS TO-CTIS4 system will also work with all other wheels.

The air compressor is sold separately because many customers already have their own on-board air pressure system.