TIBUS Bolt-on portals

August 29, 2022
August 29, 2022 admin

TIBUS Bolt-on portals

Extraordinary clearance for extraordinary adventures

The TIBUS portal system is bolted to the existing axles of your Land Rover. Portals will provide a tremendous ground clearance for your vehicle.

Portal axles create unique ground clearance by virtue of the axle tube and the differential housing being situated above the wheel center. This technology is the only way to properly achieve proper ground clearance that doesn’t just affect the car’s body.

TIBUS Bolt-on portals will give your vehicle a “lift” of about four to five inches (100 to 125 mm). Naturally, by using larger wheels you’ll be able to augment your ground clearance even further.

TIBUS Bolt-on portals are available for Land Rover, Mercedes Benz G-wagon, Nissan Patrol and UAZ as well as for some Jeep and various Toyota models, also for Suzuki Jimny. Portals for other vehicles will follow soon.

We are currently working on adapting TIBUS Bolt-on portals to various independent suspensions on the front axle. You can find out more about the state of development on our “News page” and at Facebook or you can register for our newsletter.

The bolt-on solution developed by TIBUS Offroad Engineering is an unrivaled way of maintaining the modified car to use as your daily driver.

You can get a lift of up to 8” keeping the stock suspension, maintain use of the OEM electronic damping, ABS, traction control and other electronics (if equipped) without any error codes or warning lights activating.

In order to drive larger wheels no further modifications have to be made to the suspension. The entire axle and steering geometry is also maintained.

For optimum equipment we recommend TIBUS bead-lock wheels which have been specially developed for the use with TIBUS Bolt-on portals but can also be mounted on Mercedes vehicles without portal axles.

TIBUS Bolt-on portals are installed on the existing axles, with their special design maintaining their rotating direction. The portal reduction guides the power to the wheels, while the portal gear ratio reduces the load on the complete drive train since the torque acts only on the wheel.

The gear ratio of the TIBUS Bolt-on portals is between 1.16 – 1 to 1.6 – 1 depending on the type of vehicle and it’s intended use. The overall axle ratio changes corresponding to the respective factor, which makes it possible to drive large wheels without having to adjust the gear ratio of the differentials.

To monitor the oil temperature in our bolt-on portals we recommend the TIBUS temperature monitor “TMS18“.

The TIBUS Bolt-on portals are each designed to fit the standard GVW of the vehicle accordingly. If a higher payload is desired, please contact us so that we can find an optimal solution.