TIBUS Beadlock wheels

August 30, 2022
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August 30, 2022 admin

TIBUS Beadlock wheels

Safe under any and all conditions

18'' TIBUS beadlock wheel

In order to optimally complement of our TIBUS Bolt-on portals we developed special wheels. This two piece TIBUS Beadlock wheels are made precisely from high-strength light alloy.

Beadlock wheels are originally developed for the military sector and special purpose vehicles, they have now made their way also into the expedition as well as into the off-road vehicle sector.

No heavy special tools are required to mount the tires on our TIBUS Beadlock wheels – even large-sized tires can be installed. A huge advantage – not only if you find yourself far from any workshop.

For tire filling we recommend the portable TIBUS air compressor “PD 6606”.



Increasing the footprint of the tires is absolutely necessary for if you want to increase your vehicle’s mobility on soft terrain such as sand, mud or snow. This can be achieved by decreasing the tires’ air pressure: A 4×4 would, for example, can at low pressure easily exceed the footprint of an 8×8 at service pressure. This mobility is only achievable if the wheels are equipped with a tire bead locking device.

Another advantage of the TIBUS beadlock wheels is that, even with a complete loss of pressure, the emergency running characteristics still offer sufficient safety to move around the terrain carefully. In addition, their special design prevents foreign objects such as dirt, water or sand from penetrating the space between tire and wheel even at very low tire pressures. This significantly increases the life of the tires – and puts you always on the safe side, even in challenging terrain.

Then, if the traction should no longer be sufficient for driving, TIBUS high-performance winch will bring you back to solid ground. Safely.

TIBUS beadlock wheels come with an offset of 65 millimeters to keep the track as narrow as possible and are therefore perfectly suited for our TIBUS bolt-on portals, but can also be mounted unrestrictedly on Mercedes Benz G-Wagon vehicles without bolt-on portals. As a special accessory to TIBUS beadlock wheels you can order a suitable TIBUS tire pressure control system, which is permanently installed in the vehicle.