TIBUS Air Suspension System

August 30, 2022 admin

TIBUS Air Suspension System

Air spring high level comfort

A so-called “Air spring” suspension offers several important benefits that may be useful to drivers interested in luxury and off-road cars. The primary benefit is increased driving comfort and quality: Vehicles with air suspension are often said to “glide” over bumps, while traditional steel spring suspension in turn can cause a harsher ride. Air suspension also is adjustable, which means drivers can select a cushy ride if they’re on a rough road or a harsh ride if they want to improve handling.

Another big benefit is that SUVs or trucks with this feature boast improved towing capabilities. In most of these vehicles drivers can increase firmness when towing to account for heavier loads.

Another advantage of air suspension is the possibility to level your car on uneven terrain when you like to sleep inside or on a roof tent.

The spring bags of the TIBUS air suspension systems “TO-ASLR4“, “TO-ASMB4” and “TO-ASGP4” are supplied with compressed air by a compressor. In order to regulate a constant level, air is pumped in or out of the tire and the height of the vehicle is thereby adjusted via the pre-tensioning in the airbags or is kept stable independently of the load and the condition of road or terrain.



In addition to the improved suspension characteristics, other advantages include maximum ground clearance even at high payloads and reduced tire wear. Naturally, you can also adjust the height of your vehicle to easily enter garage entrances or carports.

With our air suspension system adjusting the spring height is possible either freely or in three programmable steps, no matter if parked or on the road.

The TIBUS air suspension system works with pressure sensors avoiding errors that can occur with electronic height sensors when driving through sludge, heavy terrain or through water.

Jus as with our TIBUS tire pressure control system “TO-CTIS4“, you will receive a detachable control panel for installation in the cockpit as well as a remote. By remote control you can comfortably adjust the level of your vehicle, for example when hooking up a trailer.

The TIBUS air suspension system is available for Land Rover Defender, Mercedes Benz G-wagon and Jeep.