Rise Above the Ordinary: delta4x4’s ‘Hoch D’ Off-Road Kit Elevates the Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4² Experience

November 10, 2023
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November 10, 2023 admin

Rise Above the Ordinary: delta4x4’s ‘Hoch D’ Off-Road Kit Elevates the Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4² Experience

German off-road maestro delta4x4 has unveiled its latest creation, the “Hoch D,” a bespoke project based on the already formidable Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4². Blending form and function, this off-road kit promises to take your G 63 to new heights—literally. However, this adventure-ready transformation comes with a price tag of just over £30,000, making it a decision that might rival some automotive classics.

Off-Road Capabilities:
Delta4x4 started by lifting the standard G 63 by 50mm and then introduced a specially designed lift kit, allowing drivers to elevate the vehicle by an additional 100mm, reaching a towering maximum height of 225cm. The result? The ability to accommodate chunky 37-inch tires, providing the Hoch D with an impressive ground clearance of approximately 300mm—a surefire way to turn heads at any dinner party.

Distinctive Features:
Adding to the off-road prowess, delta4x4 equipped the Hoch D with extended wheel arches for a bold and rugged look. An all-new roof rack, complete with a four-pronged light strip, enhances both aesthetics and functionality, though it may be more of a statement piece for urban explorers rather than desert adventurers.

Pricing Breakdown:
For those ready to invest in this off-road transformation, the lift kit itself comes in at £15,256, extended wheel arches at £4,795, and the Eibach suspension requires an additional £1,133. The off-road tires, ranging from £4,100 to £8,979 for the premium 20-inch Beadlock “Force” wheels, round out the ensemble. The grand total for the Hoch D conversion reaches £30,164, prompting potential buyers to weigh the cost against other automotive temptations, such as the Hyundai i20N.

Delta4x4’s Hoch D Off-Road Kit transforms the already formidable Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4² into an off-road beast with commanding presence and capabilities. While the price tag may give prospective buyers pause, the promise of adventure and off-road dominance could make the decision to invest in the Hoch D an enticing one for those seeking the ultimate off-road experience in their G 63.