TIBUS Bolt-On-Portal for Porsche

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TIBUS Bolt-On-Portal for Porsche

Bolt on portals that are attached to the existing axles bring a ground clearance of 12cm

TIBUS delivered the portals for the Porsche that was supposed to set the world altitude record. With 2 vehicles equipped with TIBUS portals, the height of over 6,000 meters has been reached.

Lifting with TIBUS Bolt-on Portals

Advantages of the portal axles!
– The TIBUS bolt-on portals are installed on the existing axles and bring a “lift” of 125mm. The tire dimensions that are then possible result in an additional 50-100 mm, which can be added.
– This results in a ground clearance of 450mm under the differential.
– This is an improvement of approx. 60% .
– The reduction in the TIBUS bolt-on portal compensates for the larger tire so that no additional load is generated on the drive train.
– The supplied drive shafts made of the material “300m” make the axles even more stable.
– The axle geometry is retained so that there are no disadvantages when driving. The turning circle is smaller, which is another advantage.
– A vehicle with TIBUS bolt-on portals is absolutely suitable for everyday use. All electronic systems work as usual.
– The axle and steering geometry as well as the cardan shaft angle are fully retained.

Springs or body lift? Disadvantages of feathers!
The lift with springs and/or a body lift brings optical advantages compared to the standard condition, but also disadvantages on the road and no significant advantages off-road.

A noteworthy increase in ground clearance is unfortunately not possible with other springs because only the body is raised, but not the axles. Thus, the deepest point is always retained. Only by using larger wheels can you gain approx. 25 mm of ground clearance. However, these larger wheels also result in a higher load on the axle, which is compensated for in the portals by the reduction in the portal gear. The axle and steering geometry as well as the angles of the cardan shafts are changed, which leads to significant disadvantages.

With vehicles that are driven on public roads, you also have to make sure that all electronic assistance systems are still working correctly. These disadvantages do not exist with the portals.