2024 Ford Bronco and Raptor Updates: Refreshed Looks, New Code Orange Pack, and Everglades Return

July 12, 2023
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2024 Ford Bronco and Raptor Updates: Refreshed Looks, New Code Orange Pack, and Everglades Return

The automotive world is buzzing with anticipation as Ford unveils a slew of exciting updates for the 2024 Ford Bronco and Bronco Raptor models. From aesthetic enhancements to functional improvements, let’s delve into what’s in store for off-road enthusiasts and fans of these iconic vehicles.

Earlier this year, Ford made headlines when it announced adjustments to its Bronco SUV production strategy. The company temporarily paused the production of Broncos equipped with manual transmissions and discontinued the base trim. Additionally, the popular Everglades package, known for its off-road prowess, was put on hold. These changes sparked speculation about the direction Ford was taking with its beloved Bronco lineup.

Fortunately, there’s a breath of fresh air as Ford introduces a lineup of updates that will surely thrill Bronco enthusiasts. The much-loved Everglades package is making a comeback, offering a range of features that have captivated off-roading fans. This package includes the coveted Sasquatch package, complete with 35-inch tires, locking front and rear differentials, Bilstein shocks, and other enhancements that elevate its performance on rugged terrains. What’s more, the package now incorporates additional hardware such as a custom snorkel and an optional front bumper-mounted winch. For those who seek the thrill of conquering water crossings, Ford has enhanced the Bronco’s water fording capability, allowing it to tackle depths of up to an impressive 36.4 inches.

One of the most striking updates is the introduction of the new Code Orange pack for the Ford Bronco Raptor, a performance-focused off-road SUV. This pack not only adds distinctive flair to the vehicle but also pays homage to the Bronco’s iconic color. The Code Orange pack brings an array of exterior and interior accents, transforming the vehicle into a visual standout. On the exterior, graphic decals adorn the rear fenders, while vibrant orange accents grace the tow hooks. The 17-inch Dark Carbonized Gray wheels are complemented by Code Orange beadlock rings, further emphasizing the pack’s unique identity.

Inside, Bronco Raptor customers opting for the Code Orange package will be able to choose between orange-colored seatbelts paired with either all-black or blue and black upholstery. This customization option adds a personalized touch, with orange and blue hues harmonizing seamlessly.

But that’s not all – another eye-catching feature unveiled by Ford is the option of paint-matched fenders for the Bronco Raptor. This offers customers the opportunity to further personalize their vehicles by selecting fenders that match the body color of their choice. The rear fenders, as seen in the images provided by Ford, appear to have received additional protection or cladding, contributing to both aesthetics and functionality.

Ford enthusiasts will also appreciate the collaboration between Ford Performance and Method Race Wheels, resulting in a new 17-inch wheel option for the Bronco and Bronco Sport. These wheels, approved for the Ford Performance Parts Catalog, are 8.5 inches wide and can be purchased separately in four appealing colors: Oxford White, Matte Titanium Gray, Method Bronze, and Matte Black.

Additionally, Ford adds to the Bronco’s color palette with the introduction of two new paint shades. While images have not yet been released, the Bronco Raptor will now be available in the standard Bronco and Bronco Sport’s Velocity Blue hue. Furthermore, Ford’s nod to its World War II heritage comes in the form of a new color called “Shelter Green,” aiming to evoke the shade utilized by the U.S. Army during that period.

As a bonus, Ford celebrates the Bronco’s 58th birthday by rolling out these updates. Notably, the 12-inch touchscreen with Sync 4 is now a standard feature across the entire Bronco lineup. Furthermore, the existing Badlands trim receives an upgrade in the form of a heavy-duty modular front bumper, now included as standard equipment. And for those eagerly awaiting its return, Ford confirms the much-loved manual transmission will be making a comeback for the 2024 model year, though the precise timing remains undisclosed.

In summary, the 2024 Ford Bronco and Bronco Raptor updates bring a mix of aesthetics, functionality, and personalization options that are sure to captivate both off-road enthusiasts and those seeking a distinctive driving experience. With the Everglades package’s return, the striking Code Orange pack, paint-matched fender options, and a host of other enhancements, the future of Ford’s iconic SUV lineup looks brighter than ever before.


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