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Digital Dreams: Imagining the 2025 Ford Bronco Facelift and Hybrid Option

Ford’s Bronco has been riding the wave of success in the US automotive market, now in its fourth model year since its revival. However, global supply chain constraints and high demand led to the discontinuation of the entry-level Bronco Base trim, making the 2-Door Bronco Big Bend the new starting point at $39,130. With a range of trims and special editions, two- and four-door models, and various powertrain options, the Bronco has been a formidable competitor to the likes of the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota 4Runner.

Yet, challenges lie ahead as Jeep has updated the Wrangler for the 2024 model year, starting at just over $32k. Additionally, rumors suggest Toyota might introduce a new generation 4Runner in 2025. To stay competitive, Ford may need to update the Bronco for the 2025 model year. While there’s uncertainty about real-world changes, the digital realm has provided imaginative insights. The AutomagzPro YouTube channel, using AI-assisted CGI, envisions a virtual facelift and introduces the idea of a Ford Bronco Hybrid SUV.

In terms of styling updates, it remains speculative whether Ford will make significant changes during the mid-cycle refresh. The YouTube channel presents two different options for reworked LED headlamps and taillights. As for the Bronco Hybrid, rumors have circulated since 2020, and while nothing is confirmed, it could potentially feature the powertrain from the F-150 PowerBoost hybrid. This move aligns with Ford’s efforts to make hybrid technology accessible to a broader audience. Alternatively, the Bronco Hybrid might embrace a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) configuration, leveraging the Ranger Plug-in Hybrid setup to compete with the Jeep Wrangler 4xe.

As the automotive landscape evolves and competitors make strategic moves, Ford’s response in the form of a refreshed design and a hybrid option could shape the Bronco’s continued success in the market. Whether these digital imaginings align with Ford’s actual plans remains to be seen, but they spark anticipation and speculation among enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the Bronco’s evolution.


Photo: AutomagzPro / Youtube

Ford Bronco Nostalgia: Fully-Restored 1979 Model Seeks a New Home with a Surprise Twist Under the Hood

For those not swayed by the charms of the modern Ford Bronco, a blast from the past might be the remedy. Feast your eyes on a meticulously restored 1979 Ford Bronco, currently on the lookout for a new owner. This vintage beauty underwent an extensive restoration process, breathing new life into every component.

The restoration boasts power steering and brakes, a fresh suspension setup, and a delightful secret nestled under the hood. While the second-generation Broncos typically offered a choice between two V8 engines—a 351 and a 400 ci—this particular specimen surprises with a larger 460 ci powerhouse, paired with an automatic transmission.

The exterior sports a distinctive sand paint finish adorned with vibrant decals, capturing the essence of the era. Chrome accents, typical of the time, add a touch of nostalgia. The Bronco rides on new wheels wrapped in chunky white-branded tires, maintaining its classic appeal. The interior, in timeless tan, remains true to its roots, offering a glimpse into the past. If you’re not a fan of modern touchscreen displays, the traditional radio setup preserves the vintage charm.

Despite the passage of time, this 1979 Ford Bronco has seen some action, clocking in at 62,920 miles (101,260 km) at the time of listing. The seller encourages pre-purchase inspections, providing enthusiasts with an opportunity to assess the Bronco’s condition up close. The asking price for this piece of automotive history stands at $74,900.

While the allure of a fully-restored classic Bronco is undeniable, the price tag places it in the same league as a brand-new Bronco or even two, depending on the trim. The 2024 model lineup, ranging from the entry-level Big Bend to the top-tier Bronco Raptor, offers a variety of options with MSRPs that may rival or undercut the cost of this meticulously restored vintage gem. The choice between the timeless classic and the cutting-edge new generation lies in the hands of enthusiasts with an appreciation for the rich history of the iconic Ford Bronco.


Photo: Garage Kept Motors

Electric Evolution: Mercedes Teases EQG, Promising a True G-Class Experience

Mercedes-Benz takes a bold step into the future with the upcoming EQG, an electric iteration of the iconic G-Class. The teaser images and details shared by the automaker showcase a harmonious blend of the G-Class’s rugged heritage and cutting-edge electric technology. Set to debut as a 2025 model year, the EQG promises an authentic G-Class experience with a touch of sophistication and eco-conscious performance.

Distinctive Design:
The EQG retains the unmistakable angular shape of the G-Class, optimized for aerodynamics crucial for electric vehicles. Camouflaged in various patterns, the electric off-roader features aerodynamically optimized wheels and slits for improved airflow. While embracing modernity, the EQG stays true to its roots, with visible door hinges, signature turn indicators on the hood, and the iconic spare wheel case at the rear, now with a squared shape to distinguish it from its ICE-powered counterpart.

Interior Innovations:
Inside, the EQG introduces a new steering wheel and a redesigned center console with updated storage layout and switchgear. Future owners can expect the presence of the MBUX assistant, enhancing the driving experience. Notably, the G-Turn button makes an appearance, enabling the quad-motor G-Class to perform the renowned tank turn.

Performance and Powertrain:
Powered by a quad-motor setup, each engaging a wheel, the EQG inherits the G-Class’s renowned off-road capabilities. The electric SUV is expected to utilize the lithium-ion battery from the EQS, boasting a capacity of 107.8 kWh. Additionally, an optional battery pack with silicon anode chemistry could offer a notable increase in energy density, providing versatility for potential buyers.

Delivery Timeline:
While the EQG inches closer to production, enthusiasts will have to wait until late next year for its official debut as a 2025 model year. Deliveries are anticipated to commence in the first quarter of 2025, with an AMG variant set to join the lineup later.

Mercedes-Benz’s EQG promises an exciting evolution of the iconic G-Class, marrying timeless design elements with cutting-edge electric technology. With its quad-motor powertrain, advanced features, and commitment to sustainability, the EQG is poised to redefine the electric SUV landscape while staying true to the spirit of the legendary G-Class.


Rise Above the Ordinary: delta4x4’s ‘Hoch D’ Off-Road Kit Elevates the Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4² Experience

German off-road maestro delta4x4 has unveiled its latest creation, the “Hoch D,” a bespoke project based on the already formidable Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4². Blending form and function, this off-road kit promises to take your G 63 to new heights—literally. However, this adventure-ready transformation comes with a price tag of just over £30,000, making it a decision that might rival some automotive classics.

Off-Road Capabilities:
Delta4x4 started by lifting the standard G 63 by 50mm and then introduced a specially designed lift kit, allowing drivers to elevate the vehicle by an additional 100mm, reaching a towering maximum height of 225cm. The result? The ability to accommodate chunky 37-inch tires, providing the Hoch D with an impressive ground clearance of approximately 300mm—a surefire way to turn heads at any dinner party.

Distinctive Features:
Adding to the off-road prowess, delta4x4 equipped the Hoch D with extended wheel arches for a bold and rugged look. An all-new roof rack, complete with a four-pronged light strip, enhances both aesthetics and functionality, though it may be more of a statement piece for urban explorers rather than desert adventurers.

Pricing Breakdown:
For those ready to invest in this off-road transformation, the lift kit itself comes in at £15,256, extended wheel arches at £4,795, and the Eibach suspension requires an additional £1,133. The off-road tires, ranging from £4,100 to £8,979 for the premium 20-inch Beadlock “Force” wheels, round out the ensemble. The grand total for the Hoch D conversion reaches £30,164, prompting potential buyers to weigh the cost against other automotive temptations, such as the Hyundai i20N.

Delta4x4’s Hoch D Off-Road Kit transforms the already formidable Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4² into an off-road beast with commanding presence and capabilities. While the price tag may give prospective buyers pause, the promise of adventure and off-road dominance could make the decision to invest in the Hoch D an enticing one for those seeking the ultimate off-road experience in their G 63.

Ford’s Bronco Off-Rodeo Adventure: A Thrilling Off-Roading Experience, But It Comes at a Price

For off-road enthusiasts and adventure seekers, Ford introduces the Bronco Off-Rodeo program, offering an exhilarating off-roading experience in the iconic Ford Bronco. The program caters to both seasoned off-road drivers and newcomers, allowing participants to explore challenging trails under the guidance of expert trail guides.

The Experience
The Half-Day Adventure at Bronco Off-Rodeo is a four-hour immersive experience that provides participants with the opportunity to navigate rugged terrains, master Bronco off-road features, and embrace the Bronco lifestyle. Whether highly experienced or new to off-road driving, each participant is equipped with a Ford Bronco to tackle diverse terrains.

Pricing and Accessibility
The adventure comes at a cost, with the Half-Day Adventure priced at $795. This fee covers the rental of a Bronco for the duration of the experience and accommodates up to three additional guests. Ford aims to make the off-roading adventure accessible to those who do not own a Bronco, potentially inspiring them to consider the iconic model for future adventures.

Exclusive Benefits for Bronco Owners
For individuals who have already embraced the Bronco lifestyle by owning a new Bronco, Bronco Sport, or Bronco Raptor, Ford offers a complementary ten-hour day of off-roading as an exclusive benefit. This full-day experience allows Bronco owners to delve deeper into the capabilities of their vehicles and further immerse themselves in the Bronco culture.

Participant Stories
To amplify the Bronco Off-Rodeo experience, Ford has enlisted individuals like Sydney Sweeny, an Emmy Award nominee and proud owner of the Limited-Edition Bronco Heritage. Sweeny, who documented the restoration of a 1969 Ford Bronco on her TikTok channel, will share her off-roading adventure in Moab, Utah, driving the 2023 Bronco Heritage Edition in Robin’s Egg Blue.

The Off-Road Course
The off-road course encompasses stages such as Rugged Terrain, Mastering Bronco Off-Road Features, and Bronco Culture. These stages aim to showcase that the Bronco is not merely a vehicle but a lifestyle, with a focus on both performance and community.

Locations and Upcoming Events
Bronco Off-Rodeo events are set to take place in various locations, including Mount Potosi in Las Vegas, Moab, Utah, and Horseshoe Bay, Texas. The diverse terrains and landscapes provide participants with unique off-roading challenges and breathtaking scenery.

While the Bronco Off-Rodeo Adventure comes at a cost for non-owners, it opens the door to a thrilling off-roading experience in the iconic Ford Bronco. Whether a Bronco owner or an adventure enthusiast seeking a taste of the Bronco lifestyle, the program aims to foster a sense of community and appreciation for off-road exploration


Restored Classic: 1956 Ford Bronco Packs a Punch with Four-Cylinder Turbodiesel

Under the hood of this shiny 1956 Ford Bronco isn’t the typical V8 powerhouse but a surprising four-cylinder turbodiesel with a 3.9-liter displacement. While the exact output remains a mystery, the uniqueness of this engine choice adds an intriguing element to the 67-year-old SUV. Paired with a five-speed manual transmission and a four-wheel-drive system, this Bronco is positioned for both style and off-road capability.

The restoration journey is evident in the black-on-black aesthetics, presenting a sleek and timeless look. With a robust set of features, including Fox shocks, American Racing wheels, and other enhancements, this classic Bronco is poised to command attention on and off the beaten path.

Despite its age, this vintage off-roader boasts a noteworthy 65,608 miles (105,586 km) on the odometer, a testament to its enduring spirit and past adventures. The restoration, coupled with the inclusion of off-road-ready components, positions this Bronco as a formidable machine for enthusiasts seeking a blend of classic charm and modern capability.

Listed by Garage Kept Motors, this 1956 Ford Bronco exudes a bad@ss aura, inviting potential owners to contemplate its six-digit price tag. While the cost may be substantial, the unique engine choice, meticulous restoration, and off-road potential make it a captivating option for those who appreciate the marriage of vintage style and contemporary performance.


Photo: Garage Kept Motors

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Evolution: Facelifted Model and ‘Little G’ to Arrive in 2024

Mercedes-Benz is gearing up for a significant evolution of its iconic G-Class (G-Wagon) lineup, with a facelifted model set to hit the market in early 2024. The upcoming iteration aims to enhance aerodynamics and reduce fuel consumption, taking design inspiration from the forthcoming all-electric EQG variant.

The classified document, dated September 14 and labeled “Strictly Confidential!”, reveals plans to conclude the production of the current G-Class by the first quarter of 2024. The facelifted version is expected to be a 2025 model year SUV, offering a refreshed and more fuel-efficient experience for enthusiasts of the legendary off-roader.

Notably, the facelifted G-Class will incorporate design elements inspired by the EQG, the electric variant of the G-Class. This strategic move aligns with Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to enhancing sustainability and reducing environmental impact. The incorporation of aerodynamic improvements, influenced by the electric model, signifies a holistic approach to the G-Class evolution.

Dr. Emerich Schiller, head of the G-Class business unit, emphasized the subtle yet impactful changes in aerodynamics, stating, “When you really go into the details of the car, we have changed things. Most customers won’t see it, even if they stand in front of the car, but the change in some cases had a really dramatic improvement to the aerodynamics,” in an interview with Autocar.

While the facelifted G-Class prepares to make its mark, the electric EQG is poised to steal the spotlight. The EQG is expected to showcase Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to electrification while preserving the iconic G-Class heritage.

In addition to these developments, Mercedes-Benz recently announced plans to introduce a smaller version of the G-Class, aptly named the “little G.” The compact sibling is anticipated to offer a fresh take on the renowned G-Class lineage, providing enthusiasts with a more versatile and agile option.

As Mercedes-Benz continues to evolve its G-Class lineup, the combination of traditional craftsmanship, innovative design, and sustainability-focused enhancements positions the G-Class as a symbol of enduring excellence in the world of luxury SUVs. The arrival of the facelifted model, alongside the electric EQG and the compact “little G,” reinforces the G-Class legacy as it enters a new era of automotive innovation.

Imagine Dragons Inspire Galpin Auto Sports’ Unique Ford Bronco Badlands for SEMA 2023

Galpin Auto Sports (GAS), the renowned Los Angeles-based car customizer, has unveiled a one-of-a-kind Ford Bronco Badlands in collaboration with Grammy-winning pop-rock band Imagine Dragons. This custom off-roader, set to debut at SEMA 2023, is not just a visual spectacle but also a purpose-driven vehicle with all proceeds from its auction benefiting the Tyler Robinson Foundation, Imagine Dragons’ non-profit organization supporting families facing the challenges of childhood cancer.

Inspired by Imagine Dragons’ upcoming live performance at SEMA, the Bronco Badlands seamlessly blends retro aesthetics with modern off-road prowess. Based on a Badlands four-door platform, the SUV features distinctive styling elements borrowed from classic Broncos. The front showcases a Ranger-style grille and badging, complemented by custom gold-painted Fifteen52 aluminum wheels wrapped in rugged 37-inch Toyo Open Country M/T tires.

The attention to detail extends to the detachable roof, also painted in gold, creating a striking contrast against the Eruption Green metallic paintwork. Galpin Auto Sports has further enhanced the Bronco’s capability with a 2.5-inch Camburg suspension lift kit and Bilstein shocks, ensuring it stands ready for any off-road adventure.

Beyond its eye-catching appearance, the Imagine Dragons-inspired Bronco boasts practical off-road modifications, including Body Armor 4×4 bumpers, an IAG off-road grille, and auxiliary lights. A Rouse Performance Air Induction improves engine airflow while protecting against debris, making this Bronco not just a show car but a capable off-road performer.

For the avid camper, the customized SUV comes equipped with a rooftop tent, awning, fridge, camping chairs, and a fire pit. The interior, though not pictured, receives its own upgrades with custom Katzkin saddle upholstery and an enhanced Rockford Fosgate sound system.

What makes this project even more special is its altruistic purpose. The Ford Bronco Badlands, inspired by Imagine Dragons, will be auctioned at SEMA 2023, with all proceeds benefiting the Tyler Robinson Foundation. The foundation, named after a fan battling a rare form of cancer, supports families facing financial and emotional difficulties related to their children’s cancer diagnoses.

Beau Boeckmann, president and COO of Galpin Motors, expressed excitement about the project, stating, “This build is right in our wheelhouse, and I’m thrilled to work with SEMA on this special project for such a great cause. We can’t wait for Imagine Dragons to see how we ‘Galpinized’ this awesome Bronco.”

With its unique blend of style, off-road capability, and charitable impact, the Imagine Dragons-inspired Ford Bronco Badlands is poised to make a lasting impression at SEMA 2023, showcasing the creative synergy between automotive customization and philanthropy.


Photo Credits: Galpin Auto Sports

Brabus 900 XLP Adventure: When AMG G 63 Meets Unrivaled Luxury and Off-Road Might

Mercedes’ G-Class has long been an icon, seamlessly blending rugged off-road capabilities with upscale luxury. The AMG G 63, with its powerful performance, takes this blend to new heights. However, enter the Brabus 900 XLP Adventure, a limited edition pickup variant that not only transforms the G 63 into a behemoth but also elevates its exclusivity to new dimensions.

Exterior Overhaul: A Pickup Transmutation
– Wide Body Transformation: Brabus undertakes the task of transforming the G 63 into a pickup, wielding a wide body kit and carbon fiber attachments.
– Off-Road Prowess: Portal axles, underbody protection, and a robust winch accentuate its off-road capabilities, ensuring it conquers obstacles with ease.
– Visual Appeal: The exterior is adorned with additional lights, electric running boards, and 22-inch wheels, creating an imposing presence.

Luxurious Interior: Where Opulence Meets Adventure
– Fine Leather Interior: Contrary to its rugged exterior, the cabin boasts fine leather upholstery, multi-color ambient lighting, and exposed carbon fiber trim.
– Comfortable Seating: Despite its adventurous spirit, the Brabus creation offers comfortable seating for five adults, maintaining the G-Class’s renowned dual-screen setup and advanced technology.

Performance Upgrade: Unleashing Unrivaled Power
– Engine Enhancement: Brabus enhances the engine, increasing displacement to 4.5 liters, introducing new turbos, and upgrading the exhaust system.
– Powerful Output: The tuned G 63 roars to life with 887 hp (900 ps/662 kW) and an impressive 922 lb-ft (1,250 Nm) of torque, limited to 774 lb-ft (1,050 Nm).
– Performance Numbers: The Brabus 900 XLP Adventure sprints from 0 to 60 mph in a mere fraction faster than the stock G 63 and boasts a top speed of 130 mph (210 kph).

Price Tag: A Million-Dollar Statement
– Limited Edition: As a limited edition, only ten copies of the Brabus 900 XLP Adventure exist, each commanding an extravagant price tag.
– Staggering Price: Priced at €951,405 ($1,006,700), this bespoke creation pushes the boundaries of luxury SUV pricing.
– Online Search: The quest for a new owner is underway, managed by Hollmann International, with an exquisite Rocket Gray paint finish and a black leather interior.

The Ultimate Question: Would You Splurge on the Brabus 900 XLP Adventure?
For those seeking unparalleled luxury, off-road prowess, and exclusivity, the Brabus 900 XLP Adventure stands as a testament to automotive craftsmanship. Yet, the hefty price tag prompts a question – if money were no issue, would you seize the opportunity to own this pinnacle of luxury and off-road might?

Off-Road Bliss: Ford Unveils Ford Performance ORV Packages for Bronco and 2024 Ranger

Ford is set to elevate the off-road experience for Bronco and 2024 Ranger enthusiasts with the introduction of Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) packages, showcased at the 2023 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Crafted by Ford Performance, these packages are tailored for overlanding, catering to the adventurous spirits seeking remote terrains and extended journeys.


Ford Performance ORV Package for 2024 Ranger: Rugged Enhancements for Off-Road Prowess

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Designed for the XLT and Lariat grades of the 2024 Ranger equipped with four-wheel drive.
  • Components:
    • ARB overland suspension kit for enhanced off-road capability.
    • ARB front and rear bumpers with additional recovery points.
    • Onboard air compressor for convenience during off-road expeditions.
    • Additional lights from Solis for improved visibility.
    • 47-quart refrigerator for practicality on extended journeys


Ford Performance ORV Package for Bronco: Elevating the Adventure

  • Vehicle Compatibility: Available for the base, Big Bend, Black Diamond, and Outer Banks grades of the Bronco equipped with the standard 2.3-liter turbo-4 engine and the choice of the 10-speed automatic or 7-speed manual transmission.
  • Key Features:
    • Bilstein’s 2.0-inch lift kit for enhanced ground clearance and suspension travel.
    • 17-inch white wheels paired with 35-inch off-road tires for a commanding presence.
    • ARB jack and mount for convenience during challenging situations.
    • Engine bay-mounted compressor for on-the-go air supply.
    • Borla cat-back exhaust for an exhilarating off-road soundtrack.
    • Unique software calibration for the engine, promising optimized performance.


Availability and Customization:

  • These ORV packages are designed not only for new vehicles but can also be retrofitted through Ford dealers or ASE-certified shops.
  • Tailored for overlanding, the packages offer enthusiasts an opportunity to customize their vehicles for extended off-road adventures.


Concept Stage and Pricing:

  • While the packages are currently in the concept stage, Ford assures that the components are subject to refinement.
  • Pricing details for the ORV packages will be revealed closer to their market launch.


SEMA Show Highlights:

  • In addition to the ORV packages, Ford unveiled an 800-hp supercharger upgrade for the redesigned 2024 Mustang GT, showcasing the brand’s commitment to performance across its lineup.
  • Ford introduced customizable vinyl graphics, allowing customers to personalize their vehicles with a choice of 60 colors and three different finishes (gloss, satin, and matte).


Embark on the off-road journey of a lifetime with Ford’s commitment to delivering performance, capability, and personalization for the adventure-seeking Bronco and 2024 Ranger owners.